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Titan Senior Connections (In Development)

This Website has been created for Titan Senior Solutions. Titan Senior Solutions is asmall business based in Atlanta, Georgia. The website is still in development, bur it will consist of 3 pages; a homepage, a about page and a contact us page.

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Lynn's Auto (In Development)

Lynn's Auto's website is in development. This website will be a one page website divided in to five sections. For this website we are using the flex methodology of coding. Once the project is completed it will be capable to showcase Lynn's Auto inventory and the user will be able to make an appointment for test drive of Lynn's Auto Inventory.

Web Solutions (Colaboration)

Web Solutions is a template that our web developer colaborated on. This colaboration was done in early 2019 for a up and coming IT firm in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. The colaboration was made in 2019 and the complete website will launch in December 2019.

SW Guess Who!! (In Development)

Do you remember the old Guess Who Hasbro game? Well this is a digital version of that game. When the game is completed you will travel to a galaxy far far away to the Star Wars Universe. This ogame will brong you childhood memories that you will want to share with your family and friends.